I began this journey about 16 years ago when I was a vegetarian for about 5 years. I really didn’t understand why, but I lost my appetite from eating meat overnight. Some people change their eating habits because of religion, health, ethics, economics and family and friends. Again non of those reasons applied to me. Life was good during those five years and then boom I get in a car accident now I have to have knee surgery. Right before the surgery me and the doctor had extensive conversation about how important protein is when the body is trying heal itself after surgery etc. I remember a vivd part of the conversation where he told me that protein comes from meat and not plants. Now, with me being honest here I was not as knowledgeable about where protein come from and why meat has protein, so now I’m thinking I have to break my habits/ diet to help my body or take pills to supplement protein well, I am not huge on taking pills so I decided to just eat chicken breast until my knee get back to 100%. 12 years later I have been on a healthy meat plan you name it I eat it. Nowadays, I am very over weight, and back in 2011 I was diagnosed with a rare muscle disorder With no cure. Today cancer destroys so many lives and I believe what we eat contribute to cancer directly. I must eat better for one because of my disorder but two I am on medication for hypertension, high cholesterol and low vitamin D, super depressing for a use to be active person who weighed about 150lbs until mid 30s. Oh yeah, almost forgot I am also diagnosed with sleep apnea which doctors tie back to being over weight. I am sure there are a lot of people with way more issue than me but my issue are huge in my life and its time to take action. Finally, Juicing buzz is just an educational tool for me and others struggling with life issues looking for substitutions for diet or new change in live like myself. Back when I was a vegetarian it was easy for me to just quite cold turkey and didn’t think twice about not eating meat. I try now and it is very hard for me to even think about not eating some form of chicken. This site will become my savior for myself and others to take steps to better the quality of life we live and come up with tasty fruit and vegetable juices to enjoy.